Never let cancer control you !

received_1864190660506902Hello. I’m sivasangree.I was just 35 when I get to know I had cancer on 2015…All started 1 day when I was getting ready to go to work. I felt something different in my right breast. The nipple seemed to deformed. So the next day after work I went to a clinic. I had Biopsy and got my test results after 14 days .OMG I had BREAST CANCER STAGE 3 WITH Aggressive cell.
I ONLY had 6 MONTH to live.
I cried and cried. It felt like it was the end of the world.
My new journey started.
First Operation.My right breast was removed with 15 lymph. Next my hard journey started. CHEMOTHERAPY (6 cycles). I almost gave up on my 4th chemo..vomiting…white cell drop…I could not breath well. I could not talk. I taught I was going to die. But I fought again and again. My family, spiritual team,and friends none stop gave me strength. I’m blessed having them. Finally I was done with my 6 cycle chemo my 15 radiotherapy .During the treatment my skin got pilled off. I could not wear any dresses. only a towel wrapped on my body. Again I did not give up. I woke up everyday and I fought. I am my own best adviser. I have done all my treatments with god grace and with all prayers .
MIRACLES happen. I’m still alive and going through my beautiful life.

This is a small message to all cancer angles.

💜💜💜💜 never give up in any situation. fight! Nothing is impossible. We can control cancer and never ever let cancer control you.

My hugs and love to all cancer angles in this world.
LOVE u all.
With love